Dunbar Village Nursing Home remembers the fallen Bay St. Louis officers

Dunbar Village Nursing Home in Bay St. Louis raised their flag today in memory of the fallen officers.

The nursing home and resident Dennis Myer got together to plan the ceremony since it had a personal effect on Myer.

Myer is a retired police sergeant from Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office and New Orleans Police Department.

He knows more than anyone about sacrifice as he spent 37 years in service and has escorted many police funerals.

Since the nursing home’s flag was taken down due to bad weather, Myer and Dunbar thought it was the perfect opportunity to fly the new flag they just got in. Retired Sgt. Dennis Myer said, “It seems like almost every day now hearing about law enforcement people losing their lives protecting us citizens, doing their jobs. So, we wanted to show them from Dunbar our love and respect for law enforcement in Bay St. Louis.”

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