Drunk Driving Presentation at Ocean Springs High School

An emotional and severe demonstration all to teach an important lesson to Ocean Springs high schoolers: don’t drink and drive.
Several students covered in bloody make up participated in a realistic drunk driving demo for hundreds of their fellow classmates.
First responders, including a life flight helicopter, rushed to the high school to illustrate what would happen if the accident was real.
The topic of a teen losing their life in a car accident hit home, especially for the Ocean Springs School District. Ocean Springs Assistant Principal Justin Sutton said, “Greyhounds were struck with tragedy last week. We had a car accident that claimed the life of a former student, not necessarily with the same kind of conditions, but a car accident nonetheless claimed his life. It was a sad day. A lot of students knew him and thought great of him and maybe seeing something like this too will drive home again how easy and precious life really is.”
If the accident did not grab enough attention, there was also a coffin placed inside the school. Inside was a mirror and poster which read “this could be you.”
This week is homecoming week for Ocean Springs High.

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