Drug bust in Vancleave

Three decades of peddling pills, cocaine, crack, and marijuana in Vancleave and other Coast areas took a hit today after a multi-agency raid. So far, at least seven people have been arrested and are behind bars in what authorities are calling gang-related drug trafficking.
No kids were at play at a Vancleave park Tuesday morning where just over the fence agents from multiple law enforcement agencies raided a house before dawn. Authorities say it is the home of Terry Lee ‘Fathead’ Reddix and this area is a hot bed of major drug activity. Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “The operation began this morning about 6 o’clock where we started serving arrest warrants and search warrants at what’s called the Reddix Hill in Vancleave. They also have gangs that are involved in this thing. We’ve been able to tie the Blood Street gangs into this place. They’ve been selling meth, pills, cocaine, crack cocaine, oxycontin, and marijuana.”
According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, agents pounded on the doors of nine suspects in the area early Tuesday morning. While officers in Pearl River County hit up the homes of two other suspected drug offenders in that area.
With law enforcement officers from various agencies helping to round up 11 targeted suspects all indicted by a federal grand jury on various and multiple drug charges after a lot of groundwork in the case. Chris Freeze with the FBI said, “The Safe Streets Task Force has been working for quite some time on this case. This is not our only case. We have multiple things we our working on in this area. Hopefully you will hear more on that in the near future.”
Sheriff Ezell said that the arrests made this morning were not only good for the neighborhood, but for the entire city. “It’s gonna have a major impact on all the cities and out in the county.”
Sheriff Ezell says this is a widespread operation and more arrests are on the way.

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