Drownings On The Gulf Coast

Two drownings in less than one week, a staggering number that is too high for comfort.
One woman fell into the Biloxi Back Bay and drowned on Thursday. Another tragic incident occurred on Sunday when a 49-year-old man drowned in the water near the Island View Casino in Gulfport.
AMR officials tell News 25 it takes only a few minutes for a person to lose their life underwater, no matter how experienced they are at swimming.
One common theme paramedics see in drownings is the use of alcohol.
If you see someone drowning, officials say do not jump in. Clinical Education Services Manager Bobby Marshall said, “If they are still conscious when you’re trying to rescue them, they’re going to be panicked. They’re going to grab onto something and they can take the person that is trying to, with good intentions, rescue them, they can take them down with them. When that happens, we’ve got two tragedies instead of one. It would be better served if you can’t immediately grab them, watch where they were, call 9-1-1 and direct the rescuers to where they were last seen”
AMR officials added if someone is drowning they are usually quiet, contrary to popular belief of a person splashing around and making a lot of noise.
Many drowning scenes often go unnoticed until someone realizes that person is missing.

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