Drowning due to strong currents

Just in the past four days we have lost two South Mississippi residents due to drowning after being pulled under by currents.

Thursday night, the body of Long Beach High School senior Peyton Henson was pulled from Wolf River and Sunday night emergency crews recovered 37-year-old Anthony Lewellyn’s body from the Biloxi River.

The Gulfport Fire Department’s dive team assisted in both recovery operations. Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt wants to send a warning to those who might be taking a dip in any river.

Chief Beyerstedt says to wear a life vest or stay where you can stand because fighting these currents can be extremely difficult even for strong swimmers. “You are at the mercy of the river when the current takes hold of your body. People don’t understand that just a couple feet of water can take a car and sweep it down streams. So, just imagine that if the water is that strong that it can move a car, you are going to have a hard time overcoming that kind of power with just your strokes.”

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