Driver Safety on Wet Road Conditions

If you have to drive on the sandy, wet roads this weekend, officials are asking you to take extreme caution.
Benjamin Siebert with Highway Patrol says before the bad weathers hits to make sure you check your car over, ensuring there is enough pressure in your tires and your windshield wipers don’t need to be changed. Low tire pressure will cause your car to hydroplane.
Siebert also says to drive below the speed limit if conditions are rainy and windy. “If you try to run 70 MPH in the pouring rain, you’re going to end up in the median and hopefully we’ll just be getting a tow truck to get you out and you won’t get hurt. We have so many times, whenever it starts raining like that, we’re just running up and down the interstate helping cars out that have hydroplaned and ended up in the median.”
If at all possible, Siebert tells drivers to stay at home when weather conditions are threatening driver safety.

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