Drive-thru COVID testing at the Salvation Army Kroc Center

The Salvation Army partners up with Coastal Family Health each month at the Kroc Center for free COVID-19 testing.

Drive up in your car, fill out a quick information sheet, get a quick nose swab, and your COVID results will be ready in the next two hours.

Registered nurses from the Coastal Family Health Clinic come to each car one at a time, fully dressed in proper PPE to ensure the safety of themselves and those who are tested.

Once the results are in, you’ll get a phone call and a letter in the mail for proof of test results. RN Jean Byrd said, “If they have insurance, what we do is we bill the insurance, but the patient doesn’t have any out-of-pocket expense. We also now have a letter to them letting them know that they’re either negative, if it’s positive than we send out a letter also but it’s more detailed. I definitely recommend getting the vaccine, we need everybody to be vaccinated so we can try to get rid of the virus.”

Coastal Family Clinic meets once a month at the Salvation Army Kroc Center for free COVID testing.

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