Drive to Survive Initiative

It’s called the Drive to Survive Initiative and it’s the first year the Mississippi Highway Patrol is putting on this campaign in hopes of decreasing crashes on the roads.
The initiative collaborates with Memorial Day Weekend due to multiple travelers on the road and some ending up in wrecks. Last year, 132 accidents happened in the state of Mississippi during Memorial Day Weekend.
Mississippi Highway Patrol Spokesman Chase Elkins urges drivers to pay attention to the roads and drive safely. “Whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the only thing they have on their mind is getting to their location and don’t see the importance of not texting and driving and not drinking and driving and people have the bulletproof mindset that I can do it, it won’t happen to me, until it does. Then it’s a little bit too late and we’re the ones stuck with the hard part of the job and notifying families that their loved ones aren’t coming home.”
Elkins explains that after the four person fatality in Jackson County last Wednesday, drivers will hopefully see consequences of distracted and drunk driving.
The campaign aims to prevent more accidents during the holiday weekend. The drive to survive initiative will end at midnight.

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