Downtown Art Initiative

If you traveled through downtown Gulfport today, you may have noticed two new additions to the historic district.
Today, Chattanooga sculptor Jim Collins installed two of his newest pieces. A stainless steel cutout of a lady sailor holding a bronze oar sits on 13th Street in front of the post office. Another stainless steel cutout of a cowboy sitting on a bench sits just down the road.
The Mississippi Sound Maritime Historical Foundation has made an initiative to place public art throughout the city. “You know, I have pieces all over and pretty much, they’re enjoyed because, even though it’s in silhouette, it’s a lot going on. You can see the reflection of the sun on it, that sort of thing,” said Collins.
The “Watching Cowboy” sculpture is part of a series Collins started many years ago called “Watcher.” The series includes pieces stationed in Texas and all the way to Ireland.

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