Don’t Let Your Home Become a Burglar Target

While most of us have opened up our holiday gifts, some thieves are just beginning their hunt for their holiday treasures.
Police are warning against putting your new goodies on display by leaving boxes from big ticket items in the trash or on the curb. Those boxes could turn your home into a target for thieves. An empty TV box to thieves means a new TV inside your house, something they could steal if they break in.
There are several things you can do. Lieutenant Christopher De Back with Biloxi Police Department said, “We don’t want to advertise like that. We want to cut the boxes up, put them down in the trash can. If you’re in an area where you can burn them go ahead and burn them, but make sure you’re adhering to all the burn bans. We just don’t want to leave them out for anybody to see.”
Police say you can also turn the boxes inside out or just wait until right before trash pickup to set them out.

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