Donald Trump In Biloxi

A record-breaking crowd gathered in Biloxi Saturday evening for a chance to see presidential candidate Donald Trump live in action.
News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us inside the Coast Coliseum to hear what the GOP front runner had to say.
A crowd of more than 13,000 people erupted in cheer as Donald Trump made his way to the stage at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Saturday night. “This is incredible. I knew it was going to be good? Who knew? I knew it was going to be good. Who knew?” said Trump.
Trump’s primary topics of discussion included Iran, Syria, and multiple attacks toward Democrat Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama. “They created ISIS,” said Trump, “Hilary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.”
Trump touched on a variety of different topics during his rally at the coliseum, such as getting rid of common core and taking better care of military veterans, two things many people along the Gulf Coast are in favor of. Mount Olive resident Mickie Anglin said, “My children are all in public schools and I’m not very fond of common core.”
The hour and 15 minute long speech continued with Trump’s signature talking points, such as illegal immigrants, the Second Amendment and a better military. “I’m going to build our military so strong and so powerful that we’re never going to have to use it,” said Trump.
Going along with his campaign promise to “make America great again,” Trump assured the audience that he would be “the best jobs president that God ever sent to this planet.”
Wiggins resident Steve Weller said, “He will do what he says he’s gonna do. He doesn’t owe any favors and I think that’s great. It’s about time that we had someone that is actually for the people.”
Not everyone at the rally felt swayed by Trump’s promises. Some attendees tell News 25 they feel Trump’s priorities are misguided. Biloxi resident Rex Ravita said, “I’m just glad that we live in a country where I can make that opinion if I wanted and I can come and get unbiased and biased opinion if I want. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to vote and we are allowed to choose.”
Trump ended his speech by encouraging voters to hit the polls to help him “make America great again.” “This will not be an election based on niceness,” said Trump, “This is going to be an election based on competence.”
Those who did not make it inside the Coast Coliseum before it reached capacity were able to watch the rally from the convention center next door.

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