Domestic Violence Shooting in Pascagoula

The victim of the domestic violence shooting that took place in Pascagoula has been identified as Sonja Wells Raine of Moss Point. Police say her husband shot and killed her just moments before shooting himself at the WIC Center on Chicot Street.
Mike Busby, office clerk at Busby TV and Appliance, said, “She was a great person. She was an awesome person. She had a real good personality and she was a real good tenant.”
What should have been a typical Monday morning for WIC Center manager Sonja Wells Raine ended tragically in gunfire. Pascagoula police say her husband followed her to work, and then shot her inside the building before turning the gun on himself.
“I got to work at a quarter to eight this morning. And I walked in the building and then I walked back out to my truck and a police officer pulled up on a police motorcycle and asked me if I heard gunshots and I said no, I just got here,” said Busby.
Lt. Doug Adams, with Pascagoula PD, said, “When our officers arrived, he discovered two victims inside, a male and a female. Both victims of gunshot wounds.”
Raine was pronounced deceased on the scene whenever officers arrived. Her husband was in critical condition and rushed to Singing River Hospital.
Police are not releasing the name of Raine’s husband at this time. The Pascagoula Police Department tells News 25 they’re investigating reports of domestic issues with the couple’s marriage.
“I heard rumors that he had been giving her trouble, that he had been trying to harass her at work,” said Busby.
While police are not releasing much information about Sonja Wells Raine or her husband, the victims Facebook page has been flooded with heartfelt words of support from friends.
The shooter is still in the hospital at this time.

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