Dog Survives Third Degree Burns

Three weeks ago a dog was found in Pass Christian with 60 percent of his body covered in third degree burns. News 25’s Shelby Graham got to meet this special dog who has survived thanks to the Humane Society of South Mississippi.
You can’t tell it now but just three short weeks ago, Gage couldn’t even lift his ears because of third degree burns he sustained. Humane Society of South Mississippi Marketing Specialist Maren Slay said, “He was very close to death upon arrival but he had such a zest and energy and kindness to him and just a will to live that we invested every resource we had into saving him.”
When Gage arrived, the Humane Society immediately contacted Dr. Jennifer Griffin at Happy Tails to begin his treatment. “Primarily laser treatments which kill bacteria and promote hair and skin growth. Then he also had hydrotherapy treatments which is basically he is in a bathtub and he’s just immersed in water and it loosens his dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth and hair growth,” said Slay.
Gage has come a long way since his first days at the animal shelter and every day the staff and volunteers say they see improvements. “He has the best personality. You would never know that something like this has happened to him just by how friendly and loving and kind he is. He’s just a really great dog,” said Slay.
A list was made when Gage came in to decide what he should be named and Gage was chosen because it means love and friendship, which are qualities he exuded from day one.
The shelter has started a fund to help pay for Gage’s medical bills. You can help the cause by going to “We really rely on donations,” said Slay, “If you can please, please donate and anything past Gage’s case will leave a legacy for animals that come in with medical conditions in the future.”
The shelter still doesn’t know how Gage got to be left like this and they ask if anyone has any information regarding this incident to please call them at 228-863-3354.

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