DIY holiday décor with cardboard

With the kids home for Thanksgiving break you might be looking for some fun crafts to keep them entertained.

Well, save your cardboard boxes because the possibilities are endless when you think ‘inside’ the box.

Two Men and a Truck in Gulfport showed what a little hot glue, yarn, ribbon, cardboard, and imagination can do.

Sales and Marketing Manager Emily Sham worked with her family creating ornaments, snowflakes, and even a cardboard Christmas tree for hanging pictures and Christmas cards on. Sales and Marketing Manager Emily Sham said, “I have a four-year-old so I would cut out the carboard and she would paint and throw some sprinkles, what she calls it, glitter all over the snowflakes. You can lay it over your tablescapes. You can even make this Thanksgiving themed if you wanted to with Thanksgiving right around the corner making leaves or pumpkins to get your family together and craft over the holidays.”

This DIY holiday decoration crafts pair well with some hot cocoa and a Christmas movie playing in the background.

It’s easy to cut out Christmas shapes for the kids to decorate as ornaments for your tree this year.

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