Dixie Newman Officially Enters Biloxi Mayoral Race

With less than four weeks until the Biloxi mayoral election, the pressure is on. Dixie Newman registered this week with the city to put her name on the ballot for mayor.

Newman and four other candidates, Felix Gines, Fofo Gilich, Windy Swetman, and Paul Tisdale, have all registered to run. Newman is the only female candidate currently in the running, but says her gender has not played a role in her political career. The thing she says is most important is her ability to follow through on promises to her constituents.

Newman says, “I got my projects done that I had promised, and luckily the county, Windy Swetman, and Connie Rocko helped me with the sidewalk, and Windy is also helping me with the playground. I hold events in Hiller Park pretty much every month, thankfully due to my Hiller Park committee. I also did Yard of the Month. Pretty much everything that I promised, I have made good on.”

The candidates will face off April 28th. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can do so until noon Saturday at the Harrison County Circuit Clerk’s office.

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