Division Street sees improvement

After multiple years of construction, Division Street is finally seeing some major improvements.

Pavement for the area of Division from Bohn to Caillavet Street was completed this morning. This happened after major setbacks for years on this project, just last week the section of Division was still gravel and dust.

Local businesses along the street have seen loss in sales due to the construction being in the way of their entrances.

Coast Dealing Academy, located on the corner of Division Street and Bohn, lost half of their enrollment from last year due to this rebuilding. Coast Dealing Academy Instructor Deanna Johns said, “When I came in this morning and I didn’t have to beg someone to let me through a road block, I was ecstatic. I had emails from my students asking if they could get through and it was so nice to say ‘yes.’ We’re hoping that our enrollment can pick-up because people are able to find us again.”

All of the construction along Division Street should be completed by the end of this month.

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