Diversity Day at Keesler Air Force Base

The Air Force has a legacy of leading the way in removing barriers to opportunity. Today, Keesler Air Force Base did just that at their annual Diversity Day Celebration.
Members in charge of the celebration told News 25 that respecting and understanding all cultures is crucial in any other workplace and the Air Force is no different.
At the celebration, they had Air Force members, friends, and family ranging from Barbados to Thailand set up with booths to pass out information about their cultures. Some of the booths even prepared a traditional meal from their country. Military Training Leader Jonathan McElroy said, “We are going to be deployed with a lot of different people and we need to understand each other’s differences to help us come together. We are a melting pot in the United States, all around the world, and having that strength and that unity and bond will help us when we deploy and when we fight our wars and even the simple things. Having that cultural understanding of ‘ok, this is why you do things the way you do’ and then being respectful to them.”
McElroy is from the island of Barbados and was proud to share information about his culture with his fellow Air Force members.

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