Diverging Diamond Interchange is Now Open

It’s been nearly two years since work first began on the interstate system in D’iberville, and as of today, the project is one major step closer to completion.
The state’s first diverging diamond interchange is now open to the public, connecting downtown D’iberville with the Promenade and Sangani Boulevard.
D’iberville residents have been waiting to get back on the road again for almost two years. This diverging diamond interchange is a road that’s a straight shot from the Promenade to other parts of the city.
Tom King, the Mississippi Transportation Commissioner, said, “ I think the traffic flow will be much better, I think because of the traffic problems, they had traffic jams, that’s why you see this interchange now.”
This is the first diverging diamond interchange in the state and only the 48th in the country, since it takes more than just the right location to build one. Mike Harter, project engineer, said, “You gotta look at your field conditions, traffic counts in surrounding areas, and traffic engineers just found this is the right spot to have one and it’s going to be great for the city.”
State and city officials, residents, and road crews were on hand to celebrate this landmark achievement that took a year and a half to complete. They also thanked those who made it happen: MDOT workers, Gulf Equipment, contractors, and local drivers for their continued patience, as work still continues to improve the interstate system.
The entire project is about 85% complete and project engineers estimate they’ll be finished by the fall of this year.

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