District 16 Chancery Court Judge Race is Heating Up

As the midterm elections draw near, the race for District 16 Chancery Court Judge is coming to the forefront.

While judges’ races are often overlooked, the Chancery Court affects more families in Jackson County than almost any other court. The Chancery Court deals with divorce, adoption, estates, name changes, and emancipation. Incumbent, Neil Harris, hopes to keep his seat as District 16’s Chancery Judge, but Paula Yancey is hoping to unseat him.

Yancey says, “My message is I have the experience because I’ve been trying Chancery Court cases for 25 years, but experience isn’t all. To be a good judge, you need to have other qualities, such as compassion, such as listening to people, such as treating people with courtesy and respect.”

Harris says, “Chancery Court doesn’t have juries. The only time you have a jury in Chancery Court is in a will contest. So this is a job that requires a lot of experience, and I have that experience. I’ve been there, I’ve been a family master from 1999 and I was also a pro temp city judge.”

Harris has been on the bench for eight years and has seen almost 13,000 cases. Harris and Yancey face off November 4th.

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