The Digital Culture of Kids

Tonight, the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport welcomed parents to the Bayou View Middle School Auditorium for the ‘Digital Culture of Kids,’ a presentation hosted by a Michigan based organization focused on defending kids from online danger.
Mother Stephanie Beaver said, “I think there is a lot of potential for children to be taken advantage of without even realizing it.” ‘Protecting Young Eyes’ made its way down to the Gulf Coast to share with parents the digital realities, strategies, and practical solutions that will help parents teach their children how to use technology responsibly.
Protecting Young Eyes Presenter Travis Logan said, “Whether it’s predators or access to pornography or just ways to bully other children anonymously, a lot of these different apps have features that they don’t necessarily sell on the surface so it’s getting into them and taking a deeper dive.”
It wasn’t only parents that attended tonight’s presentation, students looking for guidance on how to deal with social media bullies also made it out to tonight’s event. Bayou View Middle Schooler Desia Bradley said, “They talk about you on social media, but when they come face to face with you it’s a whole nother story.”
Logan says being vigilant and practicing open communication are both extremely important in ensuring your child stays safe from online danger and bullying. “I think the most important thing is creating a safe environment at home where your child trusts you enough to talk to you about those difficult topics.”
For more information on how to keep your child safe from online danger visit

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