D’Iberville tests weather alarm system

Earlier today, the City of D’Iberville sounded their alarms, but there’s no need to be on high alert.
This was simply a test to ensure that equipment is working properly as we head into the season when storms typically increase in strength. There are five speakers scattered across the city, which makes it easier for officials to prepare their citizens for an emergency situation at a moment’s notice.
D’Iberville City Manager Clay Jones said, “Today is the best day to do it. It’s the first of June. It’s the beginning of hurricane season. It’s really important for us to test all of our skills and maintain our equipment to make sure our citizens are safe. In South Mississippi at any given moment, the weather can turn really bad really quick. It’s important that we’re on our toes and all of our equipment is functioning well.”
These tests occur throughout the city once every three months to ensure the system works in its entirety.

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