D’Iberville police officer hit by drunk driver

A D’iberville police officer was sent to the hospital with injuries after a drunk driver struck her on the side of the road Saturday morning.

According to D’Iberville Police Chief Wayne Payne at about 3:30 Saturday morning, a female officer stopped to help out a stranded motorist along the side of Lamey Bridge Road near Highland Venue.

As the officer was standing near the vehicle, another car traveling south on Lamey Bridge Road hit her.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene to investigate and took the driver who struck the police officer into custody for driving under the influence.

The D’Iberville police officer was taken Merit Health in Biloxi and was in stable condition. She had to have surgery on her lower leg and foot, but was released that same day.

D’iberville Police Captain Marty Griffin said, “It shouldn’t happen. We try every year to get that message out to the public to not drink and drive. It’s just not worth it. Our officers every day, across this nation are out and risking their lives and something like this that could have easily been avoided just should not happen.”

The officer is currently at home resting and is set to undergo another surgery this week from the injuries sustained in the incident, but Captain Griffin says her spirits remain high.

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