D’iberville Moms Bond Through Puppy Love

Through the tragedy of losing children, two D’iberville mothers have bonded. Now they have grown even closer, all through puppy love.
News 25’s Shelby Myers shares their story.
Over a year has passed since 16 year old Hollie Gonsoulin suddenly died. Every day, her mother continues to visit her grave. But, she’s not alone. Just beside Hollie’s grave is the site of teenagers Jimmy and Amanda Ward, who were killed this March in a car accident. Their mother Amy, visits just as frequently.
Tina Gonsoulin said, “We all pretty much grew up together and they just happened to rest in peace close to each other and we’re always both out here visiting.”
During recent visits, Tina and Amy started noticing a furry friend hanging around their children’s graves. “I always thought my son was telling it to stay here, that we’d feed it and take care of it and we did,” said Amy Ward. Amy’s son, 14 year old Jimmy, was a huge animal lover, as was Tina’s daughter Hollie. For days they have cared for the puppy, bringing him food and water.
Before Jimmy passed, his last tweet read “If I die, I’m a legend” and now the dog that sat by his grave for days and days is now named Legend.
Tina put the puppy on Facebook, hoping it would find a home. It didn’t take long before someone reached out to adopt Legend.
Gabriel Palumbo, adopted the dog, said “If he was girl, we would have named him Hollie or Amanda or something like that, but since he was a boy, I thought we would name him after Jimmy’s last quote on Twitter “I am legend.” So, we named him Legend because, you know it’s kind of special we found him here.
Even though grief from losing a child remains a daily struggle, Amy and Tina say stories of a puppy finding a home like this one makes life a tiny bit easier.
Tina Gonsoulin and Amy Ward both say they continue to be amazed at how supportive the community has been through their tragedies.

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