D’Iberville Middle School Locked Down

Today in D’Iberville, a reported shooting at an apartment complex caused D’Iberville Middle School to go into lockdown.
Though none of the students were harmed, it was still an alarming situation for police and those on campus.
Around 1:30 this afternoon, D’Iberville police received a call about a shooting at Landmark Apartment complex. Officers were able to respond to the scene of the shooting within minutes and speak to witnesses and those involved in the incident.
Before quickly beginning a search for the alleged assailant, officers had to put the nearby D’Iberville Middle School on alert.
Landmark Apartment is located on Lamey Bridge Road, not even 100 yards from D’Iberville Middle School. Police officers knew that if there was trouble at the apartment complex, the school needed to be locked down immediately. D’iberville Police Chief Wayne Payne said, “The victims said that a black male had forced his way into their residence and the male and the suspect got into an altercation and the gun went off. The black male fled the scene in an unknown direction and as a precautionary measure, we locked down the school.”
Chief Payne says that all the details surrounding the discharge of the fire arm aren’t clear, but the department would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping students safe. “As we began our interview process with the victims and witnesses, we felt comfortable releasing the school from lockdown.”
Chief Payne believes that students and teachers can work and learn in safety, but the police department will continue to look for answers throughout the investigation. “We conducted a thorough search of the area and in interviews with the witnesses, there was some discrepancy between what was told to us and what witnesses heard and so it’s still under investigation at this time.”

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