D’iberville Looks to Add NASCAR Type Go Kart Attraction

D’iberville is a city which has seen recent growth and city leaders are not looking to slow down.
In fact, it’s just the opposite. NASCAR I-drive, an indoor kart racing park in Orlando, is looking for another place to call home, and D’iberville is making its case to be in the winner’s circle.
City leaders brought some of the senior staff at “NASCAR I-Drive” to D’iberville in the hope of bringing their unique business to South Mississippi. It seemed to go well, but it’s too early to tell. D’iberville City Manager, Bobby Eleuterius said,” they felt it may be a fit, but of course until they go back and look at the numbers, it’s just discussion at this point.” The I-Drive Track would be national draw and another family attraction for coast residents. If it’s family fun you want, the I-Drive has a bowling alley, arcade, kart track and even a bar for the adults. The best part, it could happen sooner than you think. “They could start this thing in 6 months, and within another 6 months be complete, so within a year from now, if everything was to go well, we could have this facility in our area, and we’re going to do everything in our power to do it,” Eleuterius said.

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