D’Iberville High celebrates Class of 2020

Seniors and school staff lined up at D’Iberville High School today to grab supplies and be together once again even from a social distance.

They may not be able to be in school right now, but seniors at D’Iberville High received a big salute from faculty and staff.

It was a time for laughter, smiles, and even some tears as the class of 2020 made their way back to D’Iberville High. D’Iberville Senior Damarius Chandler said, “It feels pretty great to see all my friends here and all my teachers that taught me throughout the years. Just to at least see their faces.”

Cars were backed up to the street as students waved to their favorite teachers and received the long awaited senior t-shirts and yard signs. D’Iberville High Principal Cheryl Broadus said, “It’s important to bring the kids back and make that connection. We’re such a family here, our community, our school, our children, and it’s just really nice.”

Seniors say this time apart has helped them to form lasting bonds with other seniors they may not know as well. D’Iberville Senior Arielle Nguyen said, “We know that even though we weren’t close as friends that we are still going to make it through the end and even though we haven’t had a class together we’re still the class of 2020 from DHS.”

“Even though everything is basically not as everybody wanted it to seem, we still are strong together, and we’re a strong family, and we’re always thinking about each other.”

This was the first of many events recognizing the class. On May 16th, there will be a parade through the streets of D’Iberville to show this one-of-a-kind class the school will always have their backs. “We miss them. Just wishing them well and congratulations on their graduation.”

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