D’Iberville bail bondsman alerts FBI about school shooting comment

A bondsman from South Mississippi alerted the FBI last year on a YouTube comment regarding the school shooting in Florida.
Ben Bennight is a bail bondsman in D’Iberville who alerted the FBI last September of a disturbing post on his YouTube channel from a user called Nikolas Cruz stating “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” Bennight contacted the FBI late that night after seeing the post. Two FBI agents visited Bennight the next morning. “I think if the FBI had the manpower and the resources to track down every YouTube comment made that was sideways, maybe it could have been prevented, but there is so much out there.”
After the deadly shooting in Florida on Wednesday, the question asked today is did the FBI do enough with the information Bennight gave them last September? “I think they took him as serious as they could for a vague comment on a YouTube channel,” said Bennight.
Bennight heard about the school shooting in Florida while online Wednesday. The news caught him by surprise. “I first saw the report and I thought another school shooting. I hadn’t connected the dots yet.”
Less than two hours after the shooting, the FBI contacted Bennight and wanted to know if he knew anything about Nikolas Cruz. Bennight told them he did not know anything about Cruz besides his post last September.
When Bennight saw the post, he had two concerns: the country and the safety of his children.“I stay concerned about the state of things in the country and is my son’s school going to be next or anyone of my kids’ school going to be next,” said Bennight.

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