Diamondhead to Appeal Decision Involving Richard Rose

The City of Diamondhead will be appealing the decision to allow former City Manager, Richard Rose, to collect unemployment benefits. Last week, a judge declared that Rose was a victim of a political vendetta and was wrongfully terminated, allowing him to collect unemployment from the city.

The City of Diamondhead and Rose have been locked in a political struggle for months over his termination, and this latest development seems like a win for Rose, but Diamondhead City Attorney, Sean Tindell, says they will be appealing the decision and they are ready to move on from this legal battle for the good of the city.

Tindell says, "And really, the sad aspect of it is you’ve got city officials that are in a relatively new city, they get paid $100 a month as councilmen, and so they’re doing it to be public servants. They’ve really been through the wringer with it and they felt it was time to move on."

The hearing for Rose’s civil case against the city is set for December 1st.

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