Devin Booker Returns to the Coast

To be a 19-year-old millionaire and have the world at your fingertips, that’s the life Moss Point High School graduate Devin Booker lives every day. It’s been five months since the Suns selected Booker 13th overall in the NBA draft. Last night, Booker and his Suns were in New Orleans. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy caught up with the star in the Big Easy, as Devin makes the transition from college to the NBA.
From playing ball at Arthur Hayes Gym in Moss Point to NBA arenas across the country, the last 18 months for Devin Booker have been a roller coaster ride. Booker says the best part has been living out his dream. The worst part has been life on the road. “We played tonight and tomorrow night, we play in San Antonio at San Antonio. Travel wears you down. It wears down on your body. If you’re sick, you have to keep playing through it.”
To cope with travel and the new lifestyle, Booker tells News 25 he leans on veterans. Two of those vets, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight, used to wear Kentucky blue just like Booker. This has been an instant connection that’s helped the transition. “Right when I got here, those were the closest people I was to, because we met before on campus and things like that. But we have a bunch of good guys, Tyson Chandler, Ronnie Price, you know, really good veterans that’s been in this game a long time,” said Booker.
Another thing that helps is a head coach who sees a bright future for the star. Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek said, “Devin is going to be a great player in this league. He knows how to play the game. He’s a guy that can shoot the ball pretty well and we’re going to need that out on the court.”
As Devin continues his transition into the NBA, his father, Melvin Booker, was there to watch him play. He says it’s great to see his son on this stage and that his hard work finally paid off. “All the hard work paid off, especially tonight playing in front of a lot of friends and family. He played well tonight.”
Booker’s 15 points last night were a career high, all in front of a large group of friends and family from the Coast. “It was really nice. I think I had 100 people here. It’s a big crowd, you know. I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t come out with a win, but next time,” said Booker.
For the season, Booker is averaging 5 points per game.

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