Developments on Howard Avenue

The Biloxi City Council discussed further development on Howard Avenue.

In a six to one vote, the council agreed to partner with Howard Avenue Development, LLC. This is the start of a multi-year project which includes revitalizing five properties along Howard Avenue including the old Barq’s Building.

The investor has estimated it will cost around $54 million to complete the entire project. The current plan would add around 300 housing units, add office space, and commercial businesses in the downtown area.  Howard Avenue Developer Lee Young said, “It’s where everything used to happen in the 40s and 50s. Up really until the mall came to town, at that point the downtown vacated and what we see as a vision is a modern version of the 40s and 50s where you’ve got shops, restaurants, and people living downtown again.”

Some notable businesses considering downtown Biloxi are House of Blues and Café Du Monde. The project on the old Barq’s Building could start as early as this summer.

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