Developing Along the Beach

For ten years, we’ve been talking about stimulating regrowth along Highway 90. News 25’s Katarina Luketich shows us what progress we’re seeing in economic development as more structures are coming up out of the ground along the beach.
The clamor of construction tools and equipment are cutting through the typical calm and quiet along the beach but for those who live and work here, it’s the sound of progress. Monte Luffey, principal for Southeast Commercial Real Estate, said, “Highway 90 is obviously one of our main corridors and when people drive up and down they want to see construction, they want to see activity, and they want to see homes and restaurants. That shows our community is vibrant.”
Right now, two restaurants and eight residencies are being built along the waterfront in Gulfport. In Biloxi, there’s been more than $30 million in both residential and commercial building permits issued this year for properties south of the railroad tracks. It is growth you can see and city leaders are hopeful this will be a trend that will catch on, resulting in more development along the beach. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “We’re thinking that this development that you’re seeing now is going to encourage more development.”
“I think more activity breeds more activity and you’ll see more and more people starting homes and businesses along Highway 90,” said Luffey.
City leaders tell News 25 they believe new commercial and residential tax abatements have been a driving force behind this growth, which they expect to continue and expand in the coming years. Economic Development Director for the city of Gulfport David Parker said, “You see it going right now and once the aquarium comes online and starts construction, you’re really going to see it.”
While the price for waterfront development is high, city leaders say it’s a good investment. “Quite frankly, that’s what Biloxi and all these cities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are about, engaging the waterfront,” said Creel.
A waterfront that is the main attraction for our area and tourists, with hopes that waves of construction along the beach will result in more money rolling into our local economy.

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