Developers Unveil Biloxi Pointe Plans

A ride through east Biloxi takes you back 10 years to Katrina. That’s how Harrison County officials describe that area but a couple of Biloxi developers hope to change that. They were at the Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting to gain their support for Biloxi Pointe.
When you take a drive through the area of east Biloxi, you’ll find open fields, run down stores and houses. One group, Biloxi Boardwalk Ventures, wants to invest here and revitalize the area with a new casino resort. Biloxi Pointe Project Sponsor Chris Ferrara said, “You’re talking 70,000 square foot of meeting and entertainment. New energy will take place in this new facility with a 497 room hotel.”
The developers shared their plans for the $265 million project with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors at Monday’s meeting, rolling out plans to turn the old Hines Center they bought back in 2001, across from the Biloxi Marina, into the casino site. The 781,000 square foot destination resort will provide 2,000 jobs during construction and 900 permanent jobs.
Before the developers break ground on Biloxi Pointe, they tell News 25 the project hinges on access to the area. The answer, they say is, a new $22 million loop connecting Bayview Avenue to Pine Street and Pine to Highway 90. Biloxi Pointe Chief Operating Officer William Killduff said, “If you came in off of Highway 90, over the Ocean Springs Bridge, or if you came into Biloxi via the I-110 Bridge, you’d really only have to make one turn then you’d be on a street that circumvents the whole city.” That loop would bring you right to Biloxi Point.
While it may not look like much now, county officials say when this project is done, it’ll be much more than your everyday casino. District 1 Supervisor Windy Swetman said, “They already have a marina, a dry dock, a restaurant. The campus they already have down there on the pointe in Biloxi is a complete package. That’s what we need to have, a multi-faceted diverse project.”
Project officials have no timeline on when they’ll start but they say construction should last two years.

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