Developers Look to Fill in Wetlands in North Gulfport

The city of Gulfport and developer Jerard Ward are looking to fill wetlands in north Gulfport to create more areas for development.
While that may seem like a great idea for economic growth in the city, a group of residents say it will destroy their homes.
Just beyond the wetlands, a community resides. Now a developer and the city of Gulfport could possibly rearrange a lifestyle in the name of economic growth.
A proposed project to develop the north Gulfport area for a recreational park and other mixed uses of development would first require the wetlands to be filled. Mary Thigpen represents a community who feels the project will bring excess flooding. “My home flooded from Katrina. Had to tear my house down and elevate it. And positively, I don’t want the rest of my community to do the same thing and we have to move out,” said Thigpen.
Over ten years ago, developer Jerard Ward’s father attempted to develop the area but was turned down. Now his son is looking to try again. “We look at the property as being the gateway to Gulfport. I mean, it’s right there on the south western corner, you can see it when you roll into the city. So, we feel that it’s got a tremendous amount of economic impact for the city.”
But could the impact for the city come at a high cost for residents? “We are concerned about our homes and especially our senior citizens. Most of the people who own homes out right are senior citizens and senior citizens must be taken care of,” said Thigpen.
Gulfport residents have until August 1st to voice their concerns to the city.

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