Democratic National Convention Day Two

The Democratic National Convention got off to a wild start. The chaos continued today as hundreds of people protested the Democratic Committee by chanting “Bernie or Bust.”
Senator Bernie Sanders continued to call on his supporters to rally behind Hillary Clinton despite protests.
News 25 spoke with Mississippi Delegate Sugar Stallings, who is in Philadelphia. She says he’s proud to represent Mississippi while witnessing history being made as Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to ever be nominated for president by a major party.“I think she’s literally shattering the glass ceiling that has been an issue with the United States, unlike other countries who have had prime minister women for years, be in leadership in different positions. It has only been the United States that really has kind of fortitude to really push the envelope to have that. It is very exciting.”
Stallings expressed her gratitude for her Democratic colleagues and friends who helped put her in a leadership position representing Mississippi in Philadelphia.

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