Democratic Governors Association Responds with Cutting Statement on Reeves’ Win

Reeves will now face democratic Attorney General Jim Hood in the general election.

The Democratic Governors Association has released the following statement, in response to Reeves’ win.

“Reeves was supposed to skate through the primary but instead he is barely limping out of this runoff. Despite spending millions of dollars and having the top job in the state legislature, Reeves failed to unite Mississippi republicans behind his candidacy because they know who he really is: a self-serving politician who enriches himself at the expense of Mississippi families. Reeves is uniquely unpopular for a republican statewide elected official in Mississippi, even losing his home turf in the primary. Mississippians are tired of playing second fiddle to reeves’ ambition and shady dealings. Reeves let hospitals close and cut education funding while giving away millions to special interests. Mississippi’s roads crumbled under Reeves’ watch but he looked after himself, prioritizing a $2 million road to his own gated community. We look forward to making this Reeves’ toughest race of his career and electing Jim Hood the next governor of Mississippi.”

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