Democrat Candidates Campaign for Waveland Mayor Runoff

In just two weeks, residents of Waveland will decide which Democratic mayoral candidate, Mike Smith or Brent Anderson, will face Republican candidate, Jay Trapani, in December.

Until then, all three candidates will be working hard to get the vote. Waveland city officials, Smith and Anderson, beat out five other Democratic candidates to make it to a runoff election for Mayor on November 21st.

The winner will then take on Republican, Jay Trapani, on December 2nd. Anderson says grassroots campaigning has played a huge role in his campaign. He says, "It’s very important because I believe that’s the only way you really get your word out, and people to meet you and look eye to eye and have a conversation, and I think they really see the dedication when they speak face to face with you."

All three candidates believe it’s important to bring back residential and commercial business to the Waveland community. Smith says, "I want to restore the hospitality name to the Waveland because it’s, you know, Waveland, the hospitality city. I want to restore that in a whole hearted sense and bring back residents as much as possible."

Trapani wants to create a Mayor’s Advisory Council to help market the city to potential new residents, thereby increasing the population. Trapani says, "We definitely need to bring more people back and that’s what you know my background is in, management and marketing, and I want to get together with a group of concerned citizens and local business owners and create a Mayor’s Advisory Council and we can come up with a strategic plan. We have to bring citizens back."

The biggest challenge the candidates say they have is getting people out to vote in the upcoming two elections. Smith closes, "The Democratic runoff thing is almost overwhelming, you know, because you have a runoff, then the general election. That’s a lot to ask people to come back out and vote for."

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