Democrat Candidate Jim Hood Issues Debate Challenge to Winner of Republican Runoff

The winner of Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial runoff will face Democrat Jim Hood, who easily won the party’s nomination in the state’s primaries earlier this month. Hood has just issued a request for at least three debates with the winner of the GOP nomination.

Hood says no matter who wins the Republican nomination next week, he wants to debate that person three times before the November 5th general election.

Hood, the state’s current long-time attorney general, says he watched the 30-minute Republican debate Wednesday night between Tate Reeves and Bill Waller Jr.; he also says that the format was too short for in-depth answers, and this is why he is issuing a challenge to Tuesday’s winning candidate to square off in three gubernatorial debates before the general election.

Hood has been doing some campaigning of his own, making a pitch this week to cut the state’s 7 percent grocery sales tax in half to give working people a break — pointing out during his speech at a Delta grocery store, that the Republican-led Legislature has given millions of dollars in corporate tax breaks.

He says to keep cities from losing money with a grocery tax reduction, he wants to send revenue from an online sales tax to cities and counties.

Currently, Jim Hood is the only Democrat to hold a state office in Mississippi.

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