Dem. Senate Nominee, Childer, Challenges Cochran to Debate

Wednesday, Democratic Senate nominee, Travis Childers, stood at the front entrance of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park Campus with a message for Republican Senator Thad Cochran.
“Today I’m standing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Campus of the University of Southern Mississippi asking Senator Cochran to join me in a debate here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Over the past two months Childers has challenged Cochran to four different debates, one for each congressional district in the state.
In response to Wednesday’s challenge from Childers, Cochran spokesperson, Jordan Russell, tells News 25:
"As we said last week, Senator Cochran keeps a very busy schedule representing Mississippians in the U.S. Senate as well as campaigning just as he has done in 42 different counties over the past few weeks. Obviously, it’s not up to one candidate to dictate another candidate’s schedule and I’m sure everyone understands that. We receive many scheduling requests and we will consider all requests as we make scheduling decisions during the campaign."

Childers tells News 25 he understands Cochran has a busy schedule, but he should not be too busy for a debate.

Childers says, “[For] the entire month of August and the first ten days of September, Congress was out of session. So we have already wasted five important weeks that we could have been addressing the issues people want to hear about.”

During the Republican primary race, Senator Cochran did not accept any of the debate challenges from his challenger Chris McDaniel. And the primary race turned into a series of personal attacks from each side.

Wednesday Childers said the Senate race should be about more than just personal attacks, it should be about the issues. One of those issues is the Affordable Care Act which Childers supports. But that wasn’t always the case. In 2010 he voted against the Act while he was still in Congress.

Childers says, “The things that are good about it, like no longer being able to cap illnesses. Insurance companies no longer being able to cherry pick family members. Being able to keep your dependent children on your insurance until age 26. These are good things.”

And there are many other issues Childers wants to address.
But with less than eight weeks left until the election, time is running out for the two candidates to meet face to face.

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