Delta Network Issues Cause Cancellations

It was a bumpy ride for many travelers flying on Delta Airlines today as a computer problem caused hundreds of cancellations nationwide.
News 25’s Laurene Callander caught up with flyers out of Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport to see how the network outage affected them.
Some frantic, others exhausted, as all Delta flights were grounded early Monday morning due to a worldwide network outage. Delta flyer Robert Rigsby said, “This is about as bad as it gets. I’ve got to wait for a travel agent and then also get them into Delta’s system which I don’t know they can do yet.”
Delta flyer Valerie Wilcher said, “Everybody’s on their phone trying to make alternate arrangements, just sitting around. It’s pretty crowded at the gate right now.”
Travelers waited to hear the fate of their 5:50 Delta flight out of the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. The outage caused flight delays, many cancellations, and put many plans on hold. Delta flyer Evahleigh Shed said, “I’m flying to South Carolina to visit my father. He had a heart attack. He’s in the hospital. Whenever the system comes back up is when we’ll get back on the plane. I’d rather they take their time and figure out what’s going on than kind of having to rush it and then something happens in the air.”
Around 7:15 travelers got the green light to board the 5:50 Delta flight, but some passengers already pulled the plug. Robert Stanfield rescheduled his Delta flight. He said, “I have a connection at Atlanta to Miami. I have a doctor’s appointment there and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make it so we’ll just reschedule.”
As of 10:30 Monday morning, Delta cancelled approximately 300 flights. The airline based out of George operated 800 flights of the nearly 6,000 scheduled.
Delta used Twitter to send updates on flight statuses, but many flyers only option was to wait.

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