Delbert Hosemann stops by WXXV to discuss infrastructure plan

Secretary of State and Lt. Governor candidate Delbert Hosemann made a few stops here on the Gulf Coast today.

After speaking at Chimney’s Restaurant in Gulfport, Hosemann visited with Ocean Springs High School for their ‘Principal for a Day’ program.

Following his stop in Ocean Springs, Hosemann visited with us in-studio to discuss his new infrastructure plan.

Hosemann’s proposal would allow voters in a county to implement a user fee on gasoline to be used for roads and bridges in their communities. “Before now, you could never get any kind of bill passed, no kind of gas tax, no kind of anything. So, I’m going to bring it back to the people. The board of supervisors will put it on a ballot. They’ll say we’re going to fix this bridge with this money, ya’ll get the vote. It will sunset, it will go away after you finish that bridge, so this won’t be a continuing thing where you just throw money into a dark hole.”

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