Deer Island Pier Progress

The state’s plan to build a pier on Deer Island is right on schedule. Today, the secretary of state and the Department of Marine Resources made a trip to the island to check out the progress made so far.
A project hoping to bring tourism from the Mississippi Coast to the shores of Deer Island is well underway. Construction on a 170 foot long public access pier is now just 6 to 8 weeks away from completion. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said, “Our goal has been from the very first to get people that come here to spend one more day here, just one more day.”
The Pascagoula company Walters Diving and Marine first started construction on the pier in the summer. The Department of Marine Resources and Hosemann made a trip to Deer Island to see all of the progress made since then. “The pier will be lighted by solar lighting. You will be able to see it from Point Cadet and you’ll see it coming over that bridge. It’s just another indicator of the growth on the Coast, how we’re lighting up more on the Coast,” said Hosemann.
State and marine resource officials tell News 25 the main goal is to keep Deer Island a pristine location, which means steering away from adding restrooms, shelters or any other type of commercial activity. DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller said, “It’s got a long history from Native Americans to the Europeans to even recently some people from the Gulf Coast.”
For those who don’t own a boat, there’s no need to worry. The pier project includes a plan to provide charter services that will shuttle individuals to and from Deer Island. “You’ve seen the state invest in a baseball stadium and you’ll see other investments in Mississippi ongoing. You’ll see us invest to ensure the Mississippi Gulf Coast continues to prosper,” said Hosemann.
Deer Island is about 650 acres total and is .25 miles from the shore at the shortest distance.

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