Deer Island Cleanup For Earth Day

Each year, over 100 volunteers get together to clean up Deer Island in honor of Earth Day. For Mike Smith, it’s become a personal tradition as this is his fifth year to give Deer Island a facelift.
“It’s just a nice day to be out here. You help clean up the environment and you enjoy the day at the island,” said Smith.
From washed up floaties to items of clothing, these volunteers weren’t leaving anything behind.
“We’ve picked up clothing like underwear and stuff, we’ve picked up lots of beer bottles, and foam cups,” said Serena Miranda.
“Deer Island is a popular spot for campers and kayakers but unfortunately not everyone who visits, leaves it the way they found it."
“So each year when we’re here we always find a lot of debris and trash we need to pick up. We really wish we didn’t have to do it but I’m glad that we have the partners out here to do it today,” said Mississippi Power Community Relations Officer John Atherton.
Tourism plays a huge role on the coast and these volunteers are keeping it clean to keep people coming.
“If everyone helps to clean it and it stays beautiful, we’ll have more attention drawn to it and people will want to come here more often,” said Miranda.
" to have an appreciation for this beautiful place that we live is from the water and so it’s just important that we do these type of projects to leave this better than when we found it so that our children and our children’s children can enjoy this natural beauty just like we have all of our lives,” said Atherton.
Since 2005, the “Renew our Rivers” campaign has properly trashed 291 tons of litter on the coast.

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