Debate between Reeves and Hood set for Thursday at 7PM at USM Hattiesburg Campus

If you’re looking for more information on the candidates running for governor in the November 5th general election, a debate between the two major party candidates is less than a week away.

Democrat Jim Hood and republican Tate Reeves will battle it out in a live, televised debate next Thursday, October 10th.

Hood, who is currently the state’s attorney general and the only democrat to hold a major state office, will square off with lieutenant governor Tate Reeves at the University Of Southern Mississippi’s Hattiesburg campus at 7 pm next Thursday.

After a recent name draw, it’s been determined that Hood will take the first question of the gubernatorial debate and have the first shot at the podium to push his platform.

Reeves, in turn, will have the final closing statement.

Right now, USM officials are preparing for the candidates’ arrival, making sure it has the proper security.

Just yesterday candidate David Singletary announced that he also will be at the debate, holding a press conference before the debate between Hood and Reeves begins, so that he will have a chance to share his platform and views with voters.

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