Deadline approaches for Loaves and Fishes to find temporary location

For 12 years now, Loaves and Fishes has fed the hungry at their location on Water Street in Biloxi.

But come the end of the year, they will have to move. In fact, the nonprofit is looking for a temporary place to prepare meals until their permanent home is available in about a year.

Loaves and Fishes serves between 30 to 70 people a meal, helping people who are down on their luck by providing meals so they can focus on getting back on track.

Loaves and Fishes even provides work for some of their homeless. For example, James Hostrop found Loaves and Fishes just three months ago and says it has changed his life. “They’ve been a blessing to me. Everything they do for me, four days a week, you know, third meals, dinner. Just a bunch of great folks that love and really care about it.”

Loaves and Fishes Executive Director Suzanne Guice said, “Even though we have a large number of volunteers throughout the community, many of our volunteers are the homeless helping out. So, it gives them a place to be for the day, gives them a feeling of worth.”

Loaves and Fishes will be serving their last meal at their current facility on Christmas.  If you can help them find temporary housing or provide a donation, please visit their facility or go to their website at

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