Deadline for 2020 tax return filings is May 17th

COVID-19’s effects have been far-reaching, even stretching into Uncle Sam’s territory, and by that, we mean taxes and the way we file them.

There will be some major changes in filing your 2020 tax return this year that likely impacts everyone, including those who typically do not file.

Tax professionals at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service have been fielding a lot of phone calls and questions lately, especially with all the changes that have evolved due to COVID.

The deadline for filing your 2020 tax return has been extended to May 17th. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Tax Professional Shannon Free said, “There are also some tax-exempt opportunities for everyone. If you made less than $150,000 this year, and you received unemployment, the first $10,200 is tax exempt.”

Free says the sooner you file, the better. “We want to hurry up and get that tax return on file at this point. That will enable the most current stimulus payments and rebate recovery credits to be accurate with your current bank information, addresses, dependent status and income.”

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has 12 locations throughout the Gulf Coast and has workers on hand to help the homeless in our area who typically do not have to file. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Marketing Director Kimberly Maloney said, “Jackson Hewitt Tax Services will be helping the homeless file for their stimulus money. All they need is a current picture I.D., a social security number and a physical address and $48. You can receive up to $1,800 or more with dependents, also with the $1,400 that just passed, if you’re eligible. The owner, Mr. JC Green, is giving back any money above our cost to the homeless organizations.”

Ted Hearn serves on that Salvation Army Advisory Council and is a board member with Feed my Sheep. “Homeless people themselves are probably not going to see the information themselves that we are trying to get out to them, and so I am really speaking to the various agencies that work with the homeless population. We would love to come out to your location and provide you with fliers.”

You can reach Jackson Hewitt Tax Service at 228-896-0002.

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