Dead body found inside vehicle in Hattiesburg

Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding a dead body found today inside an SUV in Hattiesburg.
Police say they were notified of a suspicious body inside the parking lot of the Dermatology Clinic of Hattiesburg on Asbury Circle this morning. There was a man found dead inside of a Mercedes Benz SUV.
The coroner says the body may have been in the vehicle for a week. The SUV has a Tennessee license plate. Latosha Myers-Mitchell with the Hattiesburg Police Department said, “We were getting here trying to figure out what was going on, if there was anything that should have been investigated in the first place. We determined that there was something suspicious and that furthers the investigation. Now, we’re able to get identification, contact the next of kin, really do a full investigation, but right now we’re just in the very preliminary stages, not having enough information to give specifics.”
The investigation is ongoing and authorities have not released the identity of the deceased at this time.

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