Day Two of Special Session Addressing Budget

The Mississippi House agreed to a plan to fill deficits in the final days of the budget year. Today, the House voted 72-37 to pass Senate Bill 2001 in a special session, but only after hours of debate.
The bill gives Governor Phil Bryant permission to take as much as need from the $349 million rainy day fund to balance the $6 billion budget.
State collections have fallen short of expectations since the budget year started last July. Bryant has made two rounds of spending cuts and has already pulled $45 million from the rainy day fund.
Representative Omeria Scott said, “The Senate Bill that was presented to the House gave the governor the opportunity to have a blank check.”
Representative Herb Frierson said, “He can only take the amount to cover the shortage. If the shortage is $60 million, he’ll take $60 million. If it’s 80, he can take 80. If it’s 20, he can take 20. He cannot exceed the amount that the state is short.”
The budget year ends at Midnight Thursday.

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