Day of Racial Healing prayer breakfast

Over 70 events took place around the country to observe the National Day of Racial Healing, including a prayer breakfast this morning in Biloxi with the theme “a day of healing, a year of action” at the forefront.

This is the fourth year some of South Mississippi’s most respected religious leaders have assembled in the spirit of racial harmony.

They spoke about racial inequality in schools, hate crimes, and ending racial tensions before any more harm can be done.

Those from different faiths, including ministers from Christianity, Islam, and the Church of the Latter Day Saints offered prayers as well.

This unity is what organizers of the prayer breakfast say will help bring those of all colors and all walks of life closer together. Steps Coalition board member Gordon Jackson said, “We want to come together and break bread and talk about this issue and things like that, but after everybody leaves we want everybody to commit to some form of action and that can really truly make things better and make conditions better in their environment and everyone else’s environment.”

The prayer breakfast was a collaborative effort between the MLK Coastwide Celebration committee, Steps Coalition, Kellogg Foundation, and the City of Biloxi.

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