Darwell’s Café owner explains the café’s closure

Darwell’s Café in Long Beach closed its doors Sunday night. This spot was well known for its live music, BYOB option, and appearances on Food Network’s popular TV show ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.’

Owner Darwell Yeager III tells News 25 he’s been fighting injuries for the last five years and they’re progressively getting worse. Due to doctor’s orders, he has to close the café.

Darwell says he needs treatments and surgery and his doctors tell him he’ll be able to get through it in about six months.

For now though, the Darwell’s building is undergoing renovations with a plan to evolve the café into a special events venue for receptions and parties.

Darwell says he would spend about 120 hours a week operating the café and that can no longer be done. “Retirement to me is a bad word, not that retirement is bad. It’s just bad to me. I’m a workaholic, but I have to readjust my lifestyle to do what I love and I think I can do it under special events.”

Darwell says he can’t hire someone to be him to carry on operating the café yet what he can do is readjust for special events and give people the food and venue they know and love.

For now there is no set date on when they will begin allowing special events to take place.

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