Dangerous intersection off I-10 in Long Beach

There are a rising number of accidents at the intersection off the I-10 exit for Long Beach in Harrison County.  Now residents that drive the dangerous commute are pushing for change.

The crossroads off the I-10 exit for Long Beach in Harrison County have become a dangerous place for drivers. “It was a very quiet area and now it’s very busy because of the truck stop.”

Gulfport resident Bryson Necaic drives through the area every day. “Whether it’s just somebody going too fast, someone following too closely and rear-ending somebody, I see an accident every week.”

“Traffic gets backed up for that side to get on the interstate and this side’s all jammed up. Ain’t nobody can do nothing and it’s the same thing coming from the other way.”

According to Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, there were nearly 60 accidents a half a mile east and west from the Long Beach exit since January and the exit for Canal Road had just over 20. “I think it’s dangerous. I think lights could help; something to control the flow.”

Other drivers say more speed limit signs, stop signs, or widening Canal Road would make this area safer. “At least another lane, another turning lane or something because when they stop to turn they got to block the whole lane.”

MDOT officials tell News 25 plans are in place to fix the congestion problem at the intersection and transportation officials are currently waiting on funding to implement the plans. Drivers here hope to see change soon. “Since we have much more traffic, it’s kind of important, I think.”

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